Barrel Bead Beading Instructions

Finished Size

9 inches (22.9 cm) long Materials

18 brass milagros charms, 25 mm 5 shiny brass split rings, 5x6 mm

1 gold-filled lobster clasp, 12 mm

Shiny brass decorative chain, 8 inches (20.3 cm) long, 6x8 mm

22 shiny brass head pins, 3 inches (7.6 cm) long

44 shiny black seed beads, size 6/0

18 red, yellow, and black wood barrels, 8x12 mm

4 cream/brown wood skull beads, 8x12 mm 14 curved brass cylinders, 5x6 mm 9 antiqued copper jump rings, 5x6 mm 4 vermeil striated cone beads, 4x7 mm

2 black onyx ovals, 12 x 20 mm Antiqued brass jump ring, 7 mm Red tagua nut slice, 22 x 34 mm Tools

Metal file

2 chain-nose pliers Round-nose pliers Wire cutters

1. If necessary, use the metal file to lightly file any sharp edges on the charms. Set aside.

2. Use one split ring to attach the clasp to one end of the chain.

3. To make a barrel bead dangle, take a head pin and slide one seed bead, one wood barrel bead, and a second seed bead onto it. Use the chain-nose and round-nose pliers to form a wrapped loop that attaches the head pin to the same link as the clasp. Skip two links down the chain, and add another barrel bead dangle, taking care to place it on the same side of the link as before. Repeat down the length of the chain to add a total of 18 barrel bead dangles.

4. Take a head pin and slide one seed bead, one skull bead, one brass cylinder, and a second seed bead onto it. Form a wrapped loop that attaches to the sixth chain link. Repeat for the 16th, 24th, and 32nd links, adding a total of four skull dangles.

5. Use chain-nose pliers to open one copper jump ring. Slip the ring through a milagros charm and the first chain link, positioning the charm so its opposite the wood dangle (figure 1). Close the ring. Repeat down the chain to add all the charms.

6. Take a head pin and slide one cone, one oval, and one cone onto it. Form a wrapped loop to secure the beads, and set aside. Repeat to make a second onyx dangle.

7. Use a split ring to connect both onyx dangles to the chains open-end link.

8. Connect the brass jump ring to the tagua slice. Use a copper jump ring to connect this charm to the second link from the chain's end, next to the onyx dangles.

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