Beading With World Beads

Beautiful Jewelry, Simple Techniques

Beading With World Beads

Ray Hemachandra a


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Beading with world beads : beautiful jewelry, simple techniques . Ray Hemachandra. p. cm. Includes index,

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Introduction 6

The Basics

A 'l our around the Beading World 8

Buying World Beads 10

Materials and Tools

The Beads 12

Stringing Materials 15

Findings 16

Other Materials 16

Tools 17

Other Beading Tools 1"

Basic Techniques IS

Wireworking 18

Working with Jump Rings 20

Stringing Beads 20

Knotting 21

The Projects

Touch of the Ivory Coast 22

Hill Tribe Stunner 24

Bone and Sinew Earrings 26

Source of the Nile 29

Turquoise Mosaic 32

Wrapped Leather Cuff 34

Tiger's-Eye Tassel 36

Red-Hot Cinnabar 40

Cow Bone Necklace 42

Navajo Canyon 44

Golden Dunes Bracelet 48

Year of the Dragon 51

Tears of Shiva 54

Peruvian Prayer Beads 56

Trade Caravan 58

Temple Gate Bracelet 61

Grand Tour 64

Savanna Brooches 68

Distant Oasis '1

Milagros Charm Bracelet 74

Moroccan Buds '6

Silk Road 78

Ocean Reflection 81

Cameroon Lariat 84

Mumbai Melody 86

Afternoon Bazaar 89

I Ching Coin Earrings 92

Zambezi Journey 94

Turtle Story 96

A Day at Eastern Market 99

Bones of Old 102

Silver Dragon 104

Endless Circle 106

Copper Jangle 108

Barter Bead Choker 110

The Good Earth 113

Eastern Memories 116

Bloodstone 118

Flowers in Winter 120

About the Designers 124

Acknowledgments 126

Index 127

Many of the borders and divisions that have historically separated the world's peoples have melted away. Trade, travel, and the Internet make even the other side of the world not that distant anymore. As international trends affect everything from cuisine to clothing design to popular culture, I see the same wonderful and inspiring dynamic in craft sensibilities. Today's crafters are exposed to the influences and craft traditions of cultures from around the globe. World Internet communities of crafters abound in every niche, and simple image finds on search engines can produce a rich crop of craft ideas. Ihe result is a multicultural bonanza—a melting pot of craft practices that yields innovative combinations of materials and influences.

Beaders are especially open to world and ethnic inspirations. These crafters have long sought beads from other cultures, and the availability of such beads—both authentic beads from many areas of the world and outstanding replicas primarily from China and India—offers unprecedented bounty to them. Beads are part of the origins of every culture, and bead stores are exotic places of exploration and discovery. When I visit a good bead store these days, it feels a lot like a trip to the United Nations gift shop when I was growing up in New York in the 1970s. Signs indicating countries of origin or influence are paired with most of the beads. Like a child looking at fantastic new toys and tchotchkes never seen before, headers experience constant delight and marvelous surprise as they pore over each store's array of beads.

What it means for headers is the opportunity to discover and create infinite new possibilities and combinations of beads and designs. We mean to bring you both ideas and inspiration with this book. First, you'll read about world-bead traditions, get tips on selecting world beads, and learn about beadwork tools and techniques. Then, look through the heart of the book to find the jewelry projects that captivate you. Fifteen talented headers have created more than 35 jewelry designs that celebrate the rich diversity of the modern multicultural world.

Many of the jewelry pieces have an overall ethnic or world flavor, and some simply incorporate beads from a bounty of global destinations. Tlie splendid Year of the Dragon features a central Chinese brass zodiac talisman on a necklace popping with cinnabar beads and Swarovski crystal pearls (page 51). Golden Dunes Bracelet evokes the South Pacific with a rich jangle of conch shell beads and mother-of-pearl nuggets (page 48). Four thousand African heishi trade beads are strung to form an astonishingly sleek, modern necklace called Touch of the Ivory Coast {page 22). And Temple Gate Bracelet mixes beads made of'ihai silver, Czech glass, and Chinese porcelain to create a piece of jewelry with a regal look and an international soul (page 61).

All the designs are meant to spark your creativity. Once you've made a few of the projects, consider becoming a bead-store globetrotter in search of your next beading adventure. You'll be inspired by the world beads—and traditions—you discover and make your own.

Ray Hemachandra
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