Stringing Thf Nfcki

6. Next, you'll string the necklace.Thread a needle w ith approximately I yards (3.66 m) of beading thread; this step is worked double-thread, so move the needle lo die center of the thread to produce a double strand. Pick up I S size 1 1" opaque black-seed beads. Move the heads to the end of Unthread, leaving a tail of approximated 9 inches (22.9 cm). Co through the beads again to create a loop. 1 hen follow steps A through I below to create the necklace strand shown (or, of course, vou can design vour own).

A. One size 5" round seed bead, opaque black

B. One 6 mm black face tod lire-polished round bead and one size I I" round seed bead, opaque black

C. Repeal step B 17 more times.

D. One 2x4 mm black faceted bicone bead and one size 9" round seed head, teal AB finish

E. Repeat step D Lwo mere times.

F. Oik- 6 mm cupper-lined transparent round bead, one j mm Capri blue bicone bead, one S x 6 mm black faceted water bead, and one S mm black laceled lire-polished round bead

G. Repeat steps L) through 1.

H. Pick up eight size 9° round seed beads, teal AB finish.Then put th.- necklace strand through the top loops ol the beaded cabo ebon, and at range the loops as needed to make them lie Hat on the eifht added beads.

I. Repeat steps A throng1 G, in reverse order and starting w ith the bead listed lasl in each step, lo bead the other side of the strand.

7« Pick up 1 ^ size 1 1" opaque black seed heads. Co through the beads again lo crcale a loop. Pull the thread lo adjust the tension ol the strand.

8. Stitch back through all ol the beads m the necklace strand This will result in a total ol lour threads in the strand, giving il bodv and strength.

9« When you reach the end Icop vou created when you started stringing, tie the threads with a square knot, weave in the ends, ami cut.

10. Use two jump i ings though each end loop to attach the clasp findings to the necklace.

11. Congratulations. You'*e created a beautiful necklace-!

11. Congratulations. You'*e created a beautiful necklace-!

Make Matching Earrings

You can easily make earrings to match your necklace. Just slip a few of the same beads you used in the fringe onto a pair of gold 2-inch (5.1 cm) headpins (straight wire findings with u llul knob vt one end to hold the beads) After you've added the beads, use round-nose pliers to bend the "open" end of each headpm into a loop. Attach dangle wires or other earring findings to the loops.

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