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Jamie Cloud Eakin

Beading with Cabochons

Simple Techniques for Beautiful Jewelry

Jamie Cloud Eakin

Jamie Cloud Eakin

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Dedicated to Stephen and Candace

Fd'tlar: Terry Krautv.-urst

Art Directors.- Stacey Budg'.- (plioton.r^phy) and 828. Irr., (taynut)

Cover Designer.- Barbara ZurcUky

Phoioqraphcr: Steve Mann

Hluilraior. Orrm Lundgn.>n

Assistant Editor: Susan Kioffrr

Associate Art Director? Shannon Yokel ey

Editorial Assistance; Dolores ücsnoll

Art Production A^l'Jancn: Jsffroy Hamilton

Art Intern: Cmily Kupli-y

Libriuy nf Cimyitif.s Cataloglng-in-Publicahnn Data

Eakin. Jamio Cloud

Bi-.iiiinp. with cabochons. sirrpl«? irr linu^us for beautiful jewelry / .»¡mm? Cloud Golem p. cm. Induces index.

ISBN t 579-9O-710-O {hardcover} I. Beadworb ? .low&lry making. I I 'tie.

TTÖio.LaS 2005


2005014 Mi

Published by Lark Boo«'s, A Division ol

Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

.137 Park Avrnin? fmuth. Mew York. NY 1001«

Tii?.t o 2003. Jamie Cloud bakin

Phoingr.ifihy C- 2C-C5. Lark Bocks Illustrations c 7005 I .irk Books

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Distributed i" Hi-.- U.K. by Guild of Master Crafh.man Publications Ltd . Ov-llu Place. 166 High Street. I <-wi;.-.. Sussex. LngbnH BN7 lXU Ich (• 1273 '17737-1. P.I'.: {• 44) 4/8i06, »? m.nl- [email protected], Wl-l>: www.gmc0ubüc3tion'.r:<mi

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Thi- written nstructions. photogr.-iphs. designs, patterns, and map:: Is in this volume =re mli-rim;d lor the persons' u-r tii Iii« reader .md may In-reprnrim rrl h>i that purpose only. Any dIIkt use, especially cornmerrml ,JMi, ^orbidden under l.iw without written permission ni the copyright holder

Fvury effort has beer mod'1 in i-Mf.u e that all the irform-til on n this book h accurate Howuver. due to dfte-ng r.onilitians. too's. and ndivirlu.il skills, ili.- publisher cannot b* responMblis iui any injun'ei. losses. nnd nlliei damages that may ""."Ii Irom the use of the information in this book.

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