1. Threat I a needle with approximately i yards (2.74 m) o! beading thread; this method i*. worked double thread, so move the needle to the center ro produce a double strand.

2. Insert die needle through die backings from the back side, approximately 1 u> inch (1.6 mm) from the edge, leaving a tail approximately 9 inches O?.9 cm) long.

3. Stitch up through the first edge head.

4. Pick np one bead.

5. Stitch down into rhe next edge bead, stavinu on the back side. Pull the thread to position the bead to lie sideways between the edge beads (figure 12).

I his bead is referred to as the picot bead.

figure 12

6. Insert the needle into the backing» approximately 1 io < 1.6 lmn) iVom the ecge to 1» ing the needle to the top side.

7. Stitch over to the next ed«c bead, bringing Uu: needle through the backings ¿proximately V|„ inch

(1.6 mm) from the edge to the back side {figure I 3).

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