Cabochor. Mexican lace agate Sv/ei; Standard Edge: Raw

Attachment: Top bail ladder

Cabochon■ Mahogany obsidian Bezel: Standard fTdytv Points and bingo Mini hmrnt: Top bail laddei

Cu6oc'io;»i Mustard jasper Oof of: Standard Eir/go: Pointed

Affar/i/mwif; Top bail ladder

Top Bail Ladder Stitch Method

WrLJ.u v> : .lie const i Hi led with l.nge, chunk) beads in the strand require special consideration in the wav the necklace is attached.The top bail ladder stitch method i- particular^ appropriate lor those designs because the strip. 01 bail, that it creates pro vide* a hinge like mechanism that ensures that both the beads in the necklace and the pendant will lie properly against the body.

TIk: strip is created with a two-needle Luldei stitch. I he instructions below are lor ,1 three bead wide strip, but vou can lis«- them to make the bail almost any width. When the instructions tall lor three bead», just substitute the number of beads in the w idth vou want for vour design.

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