Glue typos that comr-in handy for caboehon beadwork include general craft crment with .1 precision applicator (top), flexible gluo (middle), and heavy-duty contact adhesive (bottom).


Findings are tlie ready-made fasteners and attachments- clips, clasps, pins, rings, chains, and more—that vou add to beadwork to make jewelry. Most bea<l stores carry a vast variety of such hardware in metals ranging from inexpensive plated brass to more costly sterling silver and gold. f:or the projects in this book, you'll need onb a few basic types (you'll find instructions for attaching findings to beaded cahoehons starting on page 16).

Jump rings are useful for attaching findings to beadv/orlt-a clasp lo a beaded necklace strand, for instance.

JUMP PINGS Jump rings ate small wire circles used :<> link bead work to some other kind of find ng. such as a necklace clasp. The ring has a slit that can be opened. You open the ring, string 11

though tlu: loop on the clasp and the loop on the hcadwork, ami then close the ring. lie careful not to open a jump ring by simply spreading the ends out-ward, enlarging the circle: vou'll weaken the ring. Instead, using two pairs of pliers, twist the ring open, forcing one end forward and one end back iligure S).

figure 8
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