This piece combines classic black-and-gold evening chic with a whimsical flower like scalloped edge and leafy fringe. I he number of fringe strands depends on the number of beads left empty after you've added the scallops.

What You Need

20 lo 2^ mm round black nnv.x cabochon

Seed Heads (approx. 10 grams of each color, or the number of beads indicated)

Size I I round, black-lined gold (for base and edge rows) Size 1 Sc' round, metallic gold (for bezel row) Size 5" round, metallic gold: 1 lo 3 Size 1 V round, black: I to 3 Other Beads

4 mm black round beads: 12 lo 16 4 \ f-> mm black laceted wafer beads: I to 3 Black leaf beads: I lo 3

• Permanent marker, black

• Undei backing material, 2 inches (5.1 cm) square •Tie-tack-stylc pin finding, with pad at least

10 mm wide

• Piece of plastic cut from an empty plastic milk jug

• Flexible glue

• Heavy-fluty glue

• Outer backing material, 2 inches (5.1 cm) square

Techniques Used

Bezel: Standard Edge: Scalloped Attachment: Fringe


1. Using the permanent marker, color the under backing black so that it will not contrast with the rabochon and beads.

2. Using the black onvx cabochon. create .i basic beaded cabochon bv following the insti uctions in chapter two (page 15) through step 3.Then trim the under backing as described in part A of chapter twos step 4 {page 19). Do not qn on to aiicch ihe outer backing ycr.

3. Now attach the pin finding as described in the "Attaching Tie-Tack Style and Stickpin findings" section of the Appendix, on page 122. Be sure to apply the piece ol plastic, as directed, over the find ing pad to reinforce the attachment.

4- After you've attached the finding and the outer backing, follow the instructions for heading a basic edge in chapter two's step 5 (page 20).

5. Now, by following the instructions starting on page 41, create the pin's scalloped edge. Using the 4 mm black round heads for the center beads, and the size I f black lined gold seed beads for the. scallops, should result in one full scallop for every three edge beads. Start the process near the bottom ol the pin.

6. Continue stitching scallops around the edge. As you near the starring point at the bottom, determine how mam edge beads will be left after the last scallop.There arc three possibilities.The mini bet ol edge beads left can be one, two, or three. Vdd a fringe strand to each of the empty edge beads. If there is only one edge bead left and you want a fuller fringe, use a branch fringe technique as shown in the photo. See chapter three, page 44, for instructions on how to attach fringe. Start each strand with several size I 1" black-lined golf! seed beads, depending on your design, and end each stiand with the following sequence: one size gold seed bead, one 4x6 mm black faceted wafer bead, one black leaf bead, and one size 1 5" black seed bead.

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