Twodrop Peyote Stitch

This is a fast way of working peyote stitch, but you can also achieve some interesting textured beadwork with it. It's also possible to work a three-, even four-drop peyote, and it's worth experimenting with this technique, which also works In the tubular form of the stitch. It's a good idea to use two different colored beads to start with, making the stitch easier to follow.

2 Pick up two beads in the same coic as the last two of the first row Let them lie directly above the last pair, then take the needle through me next two beads along Continue »long the row i-the same manner.

1 Thread on one seed bead and take the needle back through the bead to anchor it as the stop bead. Starting with one bead the same color as the stop bead, thread on nine more beads to create five pairs of matching colors >»»»>»*»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»

3 To start the next row, thread throuf ' rs" ; of seed beads once -iwe then add me tit* ta of the next row

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