Tubular Square Stitch

Tubular square stitch is best worked over an existing cylinder, such as a drinking strM/ p! ^ tube, or pen. It can be used to make rope necklaces, vessels, and tubes.

Use ii double knot tii secure the hauls.

Use ii double knot tii secure the hauls.

1 Thread on as many beads 3s necessary to tit around your chosen tubular form. Wrap the threaded beads around the cylinder and double knot into place.

2 Thread through the first bead «i t »••p-* up the first bead ol the ncrl ruw

H'orbing cotimerclockwisc for Row 2.

3 Thread back through the first bead, then through the bead just added. You will notice that you are working counterclockwise Work in the same way as flat square stitch to complete the row.

4 When the second row n c v V-' "" thread back through the row f*

completed, then br^g the through the fir* bead added # ready to begin Row 3. which * clockwise round.

I 'ruk rich hriiulrt worked a iubn to great effect.

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