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Fastener Beading needle Blunl needle

Cut plenty of thread, allowing at least two-and-a-hall times the length ol your planned piece. Attach a fastener Thread on the first bead then make an overhand knot by wrapping the thread around your linger and taking the end back through the loop.

2 Put a strong blunt needle into this - 'Kit and si«* back toward the bead, using the needle to w and your fingers to tighten it RewJ/t tie "W* » I tighten the knot. Continue in the sai™ *ay km*»« between each bead and keeping the spacing and even by sliding the knots following the M Overhand knot around yo ,f ,"ij instead of one* as before

M TichniquIS

Knotting between beads

The type of knot you use will depend on the beads you use. Pearls, especially, are traditionally knotted because they can go on secreting enzymes that corrupt the threads.

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