To make your own so that the wire in the focal beads and the wire in the oops can match Exactly

•lib we a'ocai oead, cut a piece of wire about 6 BBeili r. cm) long. Make a spiral in one end. «ai« local l irad. an accent bead or two. and fin-niffli a closed loot) on top. Repeat for otner ear ffdi me ncoo. cut J 4-Inch (10.5 cm) piece of tn Male a sroai loop at one end, using the wtiTO» pliers

3 From the other end. string on four accent beads, the focal bead, then tour more accent beads.

4 With the chain-nose pliers, bend the other end of the wire at a right angle. To close the earring, hook the bent end into the loop.


Kimberley Adams


Making a wire loop, page 45: making a wire spiral, page 46.


Wire cutters 20-gauge gold wire Round nose pliers Chain-nose pliers Pair of focal beads Small accent beads

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