The beads are strung on beading thread they are set off by handmade wire coils and a handsomely wired doughnut

Erin Everett

Chain-nose pliers Round-nose pliers

Wire cutters

22-gauge sterling silver wire

20-gauge sterling silver wire


Anvil or bench block

Fluorite doughnut

Fluorite beads and chips

Amethyst chips

Beading thread

Beading needle

Bead tips

Jump rings

Hook-and-eye clasp

ifemfce the- Aire colls, wrap 22-gauge wire kfa (tie awl. gripping the wire securely with the ■Boose pliers. Remove the coiled wire from the Mf^ Kit It after eveiy five coils. Set aside.

Hk wrap the doughnut. Cut a piece of 20 ;Ht wre B to 10 inches (20.5-25.5 cm) long. .Hai'f the distance across half the doughnut, the rouna-nosc- pliers, form some interesting about ore-third of the way down the wire. fit»curved portion against the doughnut, to ■ turn it fits.

Bfttnxng one end of the wire with the pliers, lay ■M portion on the anvil and hammer It flat Hi It »ill cross the doughnut.

Bllatn« wire through the center of the dough twist the two ends around each other, ^■¡Ollw doughnut Clip one wire end close pitted Using round-nose pliers, ■pluuii m liH' remaining wire. Clip excess. Btfcin 1. Clip tne wire ends. Make ^Btfat toop goes front to back.

ban tm wads in the order V R smjng, nm«ing sure the Ntos »i oe symmetrical.

nthud tic nemlift, oouble the and iinoi it. Add a bead tip. limit tne beans. Chios, wire Ifdougmut Add a bead tip to r Kid, then finish the necklace ; rings and a clasp.

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