Strung Onto The thread along with the beads for the occasional charm WITH 0 Loop Its a simple matter to make your own see making a wire loop page

the loop in one half of the clasp and then back through the end cap. Knot the thread twice and clip the tail. Dot the knot with bead cement and allow to dry.

4 Thread the needle onto the other end of the bracelet. Add an end cap and finish this end of the bracelet as you did the first.

1 qj» a pwce ot thread twice the length of the JHEsiei pius 8 inches i20 cm). (Standard bracelet fcngir is 7 inches, oi 18 cm.I Double the thread oyi oon't knot it.

2 v beans, charms, and (if desired) cones.

3 an unit Take the thread through

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