Pin With Dangles

OE SIGNt Kimberley Adams


Making a wire loop, page 45: making a wire spiral, page 46


20-gauge silver wire

Purchased decorative pin

Round-nose pliers

Chain-nose pliers

Seed beads, size 6

Large beads in various shapes fiunr safety pins with built-in loops are available wherever jewelry HWINGS ARE SOLD.

BiNtltt 20gauge wine, make as many dangles ■tctear« loops in the pin, working from the bot-B* the too rjf each dangle and including two Ihtsvgriwnts in each one. The dangles should be Mutttie same length: if some beads are squatty, ■tinextra small Dead to even out the lengths.

2 Attach the dangles to the loops in the pin. It desired, open the loops enough to add some seed beads to the pin itself.


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