CONfS here seed beads combine with accent beads of glass african Turquoise jasper and carnelian the findings are vermeil gilded silver

lw 10 lS'ivch ¡40 cm) pieces of bead thread.

2 : 11 a fir <ihle needle onto one of the pieces irrt sinng i inches of seed beads and accent bead; IBegrn ,nvd end with seed beads, so that the ' of the sfancts will fit easily inside the cones.)

Rew.* the needle, center the beads on the thread, and sel aside.

3 norp strands of beads in a similar tsiuxi

4 Wifn rne round nose pliers, form a small wrapped ten hi one end of a piece of wire.

5 Git!';1 five strands of Deads into one bundle and pdlliein in naif, so you are holding their tails. Lay it» bundle on vour work surface In a U shape. Take «•M-hard threads through the loop In one dlrec-H ml the right-hand threads through the loop in teopposite direction. See Figure 1. Tie all tails in a knit iitiwmi rriB loop and apply a dab of bead Odmenl

6 String the other five strands on the second wire iri a similar fashion. Trim thread ends close to the knot and add more cement if necessary.

7 Slide a cone onto a wire stem. See Figure 2. Pull the wire snugly Into the cone, which should cover the loop and some of the seeds. Arrange the loops to your satisfaction.

8 Holding the cone with one hand, make a second loop in the wire, about 1/8 inch (.3 cm) from the top of the cone. Attach the stem loop to the post loop. Repeat for other earring.




Cynthia Rutledge

Using cones, page 21.


Seed beads

Accent beads

Beading thread

Flexible bead needle

Round-nose pliers

Chain-nose pliers

6 inches (15.5 cm) of 20-gauge wire, cut into 2 3-inch (7.5 cm) pieces

Pair of 6mm ball posts with loop, and pair of ear nuts

Bead cement


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