i Using roundnose pliers, make a stnafl • loop on one end of the memory wire.

5 Wrap the second strand around tlx? frst. Add or remove beads from tho second strand. «1 necessary.

6 Remove the tape from tho second strand and string a enmp boad. an 8®. and tho jump rmg. Go back through the beads and tighten the wvre. Crimp the enmp bead ¿tnd trim tito excess wire.

5 Separate tour oods of memory wire from tl w stack of cofc. Instead ol cutting the wfe. \\oki it with cl^ainnose piers and bend it back and forth at one place uniH the wire breaks. Don't use jowolryweight wire cutters on memory wire: the wire wfl n«n the blades.

i Using roundnose pliers, make a stnafl • loop on one end of the memory wire.

3 String: eight petal-shaped beads, peart. 8V seed bead, facctod roorxJ. 8'. pearl. Repeat the pattern until you are 2 in. (5cm) from the end of tho memory wire.

To finish tho bracelet, stmg: eight 'petal-shaped beads, pearl, pendant, pearl, peiai-shaped bead. Make sure there am no spdOda botwoon beads. Make a smart kx)p at tlx* end of tlx* wire. - C.J. *


voet-as-candy necklacos, br nqs with vibrant Lucite bead

Itioop-pftndcmt micktaco < Determine tiio finished length of your nocMace. (Mho «s 16* ft/41.9cm.) Add f> in. (15cm) and cut a p»oco ol beacfog \wo lo Utal length. Opon a 10mm janp nog (see Basics). String the hoop txiad and ctose the fjrvf) nog. Center the pendant and on 11" seed bead cn the wire.

2 On ooch efKl ol tlxs beadirçj wire. String a pattern of Lucite beads Alternating with crystals. Ropoot unti tho neckVioe is 1 in. (2.5cm) short ol the desired length.

The colors of this re tro fabric arc as fun and playful as its cartoonlike graphics; content and color are well matched. The jewelry follows suit: brightly colored Lucitc beads crcate casual pieces perfect for spring and summer soirees. In each piece, the predominantly re<I-orange-yellow spectrum has a complementary color thrown in: purple to complement yellow and green for red. Whenever you want to add a splash of contrast to a palette with a dominant color scheme, choose its complement.

One pre-packaged assortment of Lucitc contained enough bead"«* in a variety of tttyloo and colors to make the necklaceo, brztcelet. and oamnqn shown horn.

editors rip

Like ai vntoQo boacfe. Lucite beads may not ahv.-iys bo ov/ulrtWo n every sdvipe. ;»nci cckx. Moke sure you ivave erxxigh be.-id:; to Msti your projocto before you Stan editors rip

Like ai vntoQo boacfe. Lucite beads may not ahv.-iys bo ov/ulrtWo n every sdvipe. ;»nci cckx. Moke sure you ivave erxxigh be.-id:; to Msti your projocto before you Stan

O Of) one end. string a 3mm round O spacer, a crimp bead, a spacer, and the ctosp. Go back through the beads jus? strung ptus cne more and tighten the wire. Repeat at the other end. substitute a jump ring fcr the ciasp. Chock the fct. and add or remove an equal number ot beads from each end d noccssary Crimp the crimp beads (Basics) and trim the excess wve.

• I ucrtobocxb (T>>e BeocfcV Path. 877 922 323' boacfnpafch.corn)

27mm hoop boorts 6-10 16rm\ round beads

• lobster ctow ciasp w*fi soklered jump rv>g

• 9- 10mm (Inside dometer) 16-gauge jump ring

• ciagonal wire amors

>Incite beads (The BoaaiiV Path:« 7-9 10 x 23mm clxxry b&Kfc 4-6 14mmrour>:1boads

4-6 J 2 x 16mm cvaf ixxKfc

14-20 lOrum round hoadS. n 2 CCtofS or frr.^f-14-18 (¿run round crytf;?-.. in 2 colors

► lobster ctaw ciasp with soldered ^>9 >beading /Are. .0t4 or .015

► chaitxjsc or crimpng piers

► diagonal w<re alters

5-6 l6rmnrour>:ibeads

10-15 14mm round bCd&. n 2 odors

3-6 12 x t6mmcval bowels

6-6 3mm «xxtf crystals 6-6 6mm round crystal*

tobstcr daw dasp with4 -5mm lump ring »8 10 ia (20-25cm) cat*) chain. 4mm finks 35-55 1 /-in. (3.8cm) 20-gai.9» fiead ;/r.; 5-10 18 gaucj: jjmp rings ' channcse and round/vase ' (fcjgcml wire cutters

Luote beads fThe Boatfn' Path:

2 27rm\ hoop beads

2 10mm round beitfs

2 round crystals

22-gauge storing s*/er wve. hanKvi

2 9-10mm Gnskio dtametei) 16-gau^iumpnngs par ot earring wires channose and roundnose |*ur* diagonal wire cutters

Ichorry-nnd-citrua ncicklace • Dete™ne ine finished toogth of ycxr oockJaco. (Moo is 15X h./39.4cm.) Add 6 in. (IScnfy and cui a pace ot bearing wrc to that length Center a cherry bcod between two crystals on the w*e.

2 On each end. strmg: 10mm motte. 14mm. 10mm tfossy. crystal. cfierry. crystal. (Usft crystals in a rtfferont cckx from those m step 1.)

3 On each end. siring: 10mm matte, ovtf, 10mm glossy, crystal. cherry, crystal. (Stor*) tlrc same ooky crystals as instep 1.)

Repeat steps 2 and 3 on each end xxti tl*> nocttace is 1 in. (2 5cm) short of the desired length. Fm«sh as in step 3 of the Iwop pondant necMtC*.

24 OEAOIV^ 6AS>OS COLO" 2003


4 Open each foop on tho tOmvtyv>a unit Attach one loop to the jump rrg and the other to a crystal unit's facp Oosethe tocps

5 Open the loop on an earring v/re String the crystal ur*s tcp loop <rc dose the earring wire's ioop. Make a second earnog to match the first -

4 Use a jump ring to attadi the dasp to the end Jink at tí« end with dangVss. Check the fit. and add or remove dangles i necessary. Trim tho chain at the other find so you have 1 in. <2.5cm) wthout twads kx an extender. Attach one or two dangles to the end link.

1iMining-. • Opena(MOmm jump ring. Attadi a txwp bead and close H>e lump ring.

3 On U>o ether wire, string a crystal and make a plain toop at eazh end. Mafce these loops perpendcuiar to each other.

Trim tho heads from two 1>f-rv (3.8cm) IxxkJ pns or cut two p»ocos oí 22-gauge wre to that length. O ono wire, strirtg a 10mm bead and make a piam ioop at each end.

Ibi ¿lcc.'lcrt »String eadi Luatebead and crystal on a Ivxki pin. Mako a plain loop (see Basics;' above each t«oo String each fruit bead on a jump ring. Make a total of 4(M>5 dangles. (The size of ttx> chain Inks and tlx* finished bracelet length determine how many dingles you need.)

2Determrví t>*> M$hed length ot yair bracelet, add VI in. (3.8cm) and a* a piooe of clon to that length.

3 Open a r-*np rng or a da»>gJc^ loop Attach one dangle per link unbl the bracelet is the cfesred length. You should have about 1 / in. of chain without dangles.


Ibr.n ri i • Arrango crystal flower charms so you have 14 acrots by four cxtfp (tor a 7 in^ecm bracota). Increase or docrease the number of flowers in rxiifptes o* four to adjusl the let xjttv

2 Open throe jump rings (see Baste) and connect a oo&umn of fou fowers. Ctoso tlx? fjmp rings. Ropoo! v.ith the rwrvKm^g columns

3 Use jun>p rings to ccnncct the towers m one column to tl>e towers beside them t\ the next column.

Ropcot step 3 untt you haw 1 connected al the towers.

5 Attach each of tho two rmddie flowers to t»K*r respective loops on tho sJide c*asp v/rth one jump nng each. Attach the oo?er fiowivs to the outer loops with two jump rings each. Repeat at the other end. (Bo sue ttie second half of rtv) clasp is in tho correct crientaton before you attach it.)

& "H-jogs. rin^>mngs.(x.fTi ] 21 9mm. hy^^ith 21 9mm, 14 9mm. top:i/

»crystal flow* charms 8 9mm. riynoam 8 ürnm. jonqui 4 9mm. tofxv ' 20 4mm ova-' /mi;; rirxjs

1 pair of earrVxj




Columns oV l.nkod ch,vmr. form o light-hoortcd brocolot and ««.irrirxj ens«tmbU«,

^ t . irrinftb • Open throe jump rings I ond connect four crystal tower Charms. Ckxe tl>o jump mgs Rcprsit.

r*vimv; and other kntcro^tif^y components »o your jowoky mAkmg oocoo up endk»** .11<y OO&Qn Cxpofknoot w*h motcriafo a© woi iw cokyn editors rip r*vimv; and other kntcro^tif^y components »o your jowoky mAkmg oocoo up endk»** .11<y OO&Qn Cxpofknoot w*h motcriafo a© woi iw cokyn

3 Opon the loop on an twmny wire and attach fl to the tcp flower's center loop. Gose tte earrimj \vro\> kx)p. Make a second oamng to match tlw first. - J.K. *

You never know where inspiration lurks... You might find it in something as mundane as a set of retro drink coasters. This sixties-era floral motif pairs ambers and deep oranges in a surprisingly fresh combination. The colors are side hv side on the color wheel* which makes tor a harmonious and pleasing design.

^ t . irrinftb • Open throe jump rings I ond connect four crystal tower Charms. Ckxe tl>o jump mgs Rcprsit.

f\ Attach a jump ring to the top of cach riower at tt» top of the co\mfts. Connect these two jump nngs to an unattached tower. as shown. Repeat with the towers at the bottom oi tho columns.

Columns oV l.nkod ch,vmr. form o light-hoortcd brocolot and ««.irrirxj ens«tmbU«, ad.vjotlutton.c

UN i

Taking its lead from the range of attention-grabbing yellows found in a Ixniquet of summer daisies - ambers to orange-yellows to pure yellow - this color scheme grew into a compelling analogous palette. To translate the cheerful energy of daisies into your jewelry, suspend drops in sunshine colors from a variety of gold earring findings.

Tiny drop beads build a wardrobe of playful earrings

•4 f*>vftn-cirop cfciitgk.t • * Thread o noodle on each end ola M-in. (36cm) piece ol C-lon. Center cne yeftow drop bead on the tincad. On both needtes. pick up a tvown and a green 11M seed bead

2 On one noedb. pick up a malte ytfow drcp ond a groon l r. On the oche* rxxxfe. pick up a brown 1lvanda matte yellow drop.

3Us*x) both needtes. p«ck up a txown 11«. a yetow dtop. »xl a green t r.

A Repeat slop 2.

5 Repeat stop 3. then pick upa brown Uganda groen 11".

Pck up a soldered jump ring on one noedte. tt)c threads together with a suryoonV. knot (soc Basics). Glue the knot. Take both ttweads through several 1 and trim the taris Comeen the jump ring to an eamng w*e. Make a socxxkJ caning to match the trst.

1€>K|ht.dropd/#r.ofo ♦ Make a seven drop dangle as described a: toft. s*i>5litutng orango-yertow (Vops for ttie yclow drops. Omit the last throe 1 rs: instead, pck up a matte ydow drop. Make a second camr>g to match the first.

3 Open a 3mm jump ling (Basics). Attach ti>c dance's soldered jump ring to U>c cfrop fintings lower loop. Close tho f*np rryj Skio the tntforfs top kx>p onto an earring wo. Mike a second Oiirrtng to match tho first.

II ong danglo ♦ Repeat sfeps 1-5 of itw seven-drop dangle. substituting Ofangc-yeOcnv drops for the and third yc*ow drops. Omit the last two 11* sood beads h stop 5.

2 Repeal stop 2 of tho sovon-drop dangto. On both needkss. pek up: brown 11V. yellow drop, orange yeiow drop, yolow drop green 11v. brown 1 r. green 11\ Attach a sddered f^np nxf and secure the ttnead. asnf4op6.

materials all projects

• G S Hypo Cement or dear nai polish sovon-drop dangle

12 green

• pair ol decorate earring wires (Rfehashay, 800 51 3311.

• 2 3mm sokSorixj jump rin?*> eight-drop dangle

• 6 6mm drop boads, orange-yelow

matlo yelow

10 green

• par ot decorative earring vwes (Rfcshashay)

• 2 :*nm soldorod jump rings long donglo

• 6 6mm drop beads crangoyofc>w

16 green

• 22CmmrouixJ findhgs (fire Mountain Gems. 800-355-2137, fsrrxiicxjntijngcms.<xxTi)

• 2 3mm soWonxJ jjmp rings

• 2 p»rsoi<2i3nnc80pters. or chainnose and bentaose pSors double dangle

22 green

Repeat steps 1-5 of tl>e scvon-drop dangie.

2 Center a fkw 14-h.

(36cm) poce ol C-lon in tlx» bottom dangle and repeal step 1 of tlx? sovon-drop dangto.

3 Repeat step 2 ol the seven-drop daogto. On born noodles, pick up a txovyn 11". go tlvaigh tho newt yeflow drop on the first dangle, and pick up a groer-, 11".

4Repoat step 3. omitting tt*e last 11*. finish the dangle as in step 6 ol tlx? seven-drop dangto. D.J. *

i or><i ond abort iNirringn droochod in yellows and orange'j dangle from gold OArnng wires. Note mo (iut)tlo yrvuns iKid Drowns In the daisies at right that AlflO up in the sood beuds.


TWintod strurxl* Of colorful r^od bt-JKlfl »urround ¿1 Ringlo ttrond of tomon quiirtz ond Oornol drops

30 mhaoino basics ocx o* 200'.

2 Center a seed bead on one strand. T»e a squire knot (see Basics) around the t*x*J. HoW tho two ait ends 10901 her 31x1 string a bead with the look end tcward the seed txsad PuH on the axds untl the seed bead sits inside tl>e bead tp.

4 Thread a noedfc on one cord arxl stnng a random mo< ot seed Ixxxts. adding accent hearts as desired. Whert Mm: strand is the do^JrtxJ length. tape tlx) end to socurc trie beads.

Repeat with the other cord Add or remove bcuKls as rxx^ssary inti the strands are the same length.

30 mhaoino basics ocx o* 200'.

1 Determine tho finished length oc the mrier group oi sood bead strands. (Mine are 16V- ¿a/41 item before twisting.) Double the number, add 8 in. (20cm). and cut two piocos o* ny4cn cord to i his length.

5 Remove the tape and string a bead tip. hocfc end porwing away from the beads, over both cut ends. String a sood bead on one cord and siido it into tho k>ead up. Tie several «juare knots arourxJ the bead, gkie tlx* knotr.. and dose tlx; bead tip. Trim the excess cord

6 Repeat steps 2 5 to prepare a second set of beaded strands the sonxj tongth as the fcrst set.

30ose tlx» bead tip with chaimose piers.

8McM the erxte of the strands n each hand. Twri the strands together six or seven times, or its required to roach your desired fcxigth. (My twisted strands are 1G nS4 icm.) Attach tl>e bead tjps to the rcmajnng cft&Sp half, as »n step 7. Make sw> tl?e ctesp hafces in* up correctly bcioro you attad) the bead tpc;.

7 Using rourxfrxso pfcers. gcrviy bend one bead tipfc Ikx* mo a circle. Attach it to 11« clasp's tcp loop and close tlx? liook. Repeat with the bead t<p on ti>e second set ol beaded strands, wxxkjng n tho dasp^ rxjxt loop.

>rant multistrand

Mace in primary colors

On a color wheel, primary colors — red, yellow, and blue - form a triad (three colors an equal distance apart). Called primaries because they cannot be mixed from other colors, the trio creates a bold, high-intensity palette. For me, however, these are the colors of a joyful childhood, of crayons, balloons, balls, and candy. What a pleasure to combine them in a very grown-up necklace.


4 tj Attach tt-c l^d tips to the center I ctisp loops. as in step 7.

9 Cut a p**» of beodng wre 6 in. (15cm) longer than ycwr beaded strands. String a crimp bead and a bead bp. hook end toward the enmp bead, on the end of the bearing wire. Crimp the crimp ixsad (Basics) and test it to make Sire ¡1 txrtis. Trim the wre dose to the crimp bead. Sbde the cmip bead hto the bood tip and close the bead tjp as before.

materials multistrund necklace

• ieHn. 1cm) strand lemon quartz, tonrdrof« or briotattes

• 16 m. strand garnet brtotettos

• asscrtod 4~8rnm glass accent beads

• 40g sood beads in yaitow. rod. t*je. t)Lick. arxJ wtnln or 2 30g tubes mixed Czech seed beads (Knot Just Beads. 414-771-8360)

• 5-strand ctosp (Ashes to Beauty Adornments. 505-867-4244}

• Hastings bonded nylon cord. 1/0« (Shor ttemattonal Corp.. 914 667-1100. s»**intornational.cco\)

• diainnose and rourxfrxwo ptos

SOW) an alternating pattern ot teardrops and briototies separated by piiirs ol vrtinw 11° seed beads. For the gcmsione strand to tal sfcghtfy below the socd toad strands, string it about / in. (1.3cm) longer. (Mne is 16* in.)

<4 A YSfwn you roach the desired teaxjth. string a bead tip. hook end pointing away I torn the gemstonos. aixi a crimp bead. Side the crimp bead into the bond tip arni close up any spaces between beaefc. Cnmp the crimp txxxl scoirofy. trim the excess wire. and dose the bo»J tp.

4 tj Attach tt-c l^d tips to the center I ctisp loops. as in step 7.

For the last set of beaded strands, j repeat steps 1-8. using cords that arc long enough to drape about A in. bcfeAv tte gemstone strand \sfien twisted. (Moo arc 19 m748cm botoro twisting.) Attach the bead tps to the remaining ciasp loops M.S. *



Link round and square mother-of~pear in a necklace that features a custom c

At first glance, the muted tones of autumn pears on a !x>lt of cotton seemed an unlikely candidate to inspire a piece of jewelry. Yet, the striated vellow-greens on mother-of-jxrarl squares looked remarkably similar to the pears% shading. l;or accents, I chose leaf Ix'ads and mosaic beads in the soil browns of the pears' stems and shadows. The result is a necklace in warm, low-intensity colors, an \ ideal palette for tailored fall clothing.

Gunmot*>l*coloro<J wire Support« on ¿altormitin*} put tern of !Kjo«»r«? griwn nod fncotod (joldon-brown boodtt. GIjiss loavou danglo from nn dout>*n loop.

5 Hold both loops M clttrrnoso pfrxs. and Iwtst the tals once so U>e tafc are perpendicular to If*? loops.

d/ed niota*r-of-pearl be&tte

£72 flj19oim 11 (Viw round mosaic motta'd-pteirv beads W^mM^ copper craft jfifc wfetic VAo.}

1 ft. 00cm) 20<9suge ord rCAirxJr^sop^f? trx>SO f:' ers ¡cptioncQ jitty icptton^ dngcstf wire cuittre v<

6 Wrap ooch who to* around one jaw "7 Hold tlx» second par of loops with of the rt*#xlfxxse piers to form a / chair vx*sn or berlnoso i>l**s. and second por of loops. Be sure to leave a wrap the tafcs «'round the w*or, between smoi space between the two loops. the two kxps.

2 Use roi/xfnoso to make a bend t) the wires atxx* -< in. (1.6cm) from irw foW.

3 Make a wrapped loop (see Bu?ycs) usir>g both cut ends of the wires as if they were one. Trim the wtrcs close to the wraps.

4 To mako the ctoepfc eye. cut a 6-in.

Iy*>ao of 20-gaugo wire. Grasp ttie center of the wire with rourxlrxxse piers. and cross tfv> wires oroind one ;;iw to make a loop Reposition tlx? loop as shown, and wrap the wires around tlx) |iiw to kxm a second loop. Cross the w/e tais betow the jaw.

Iclanp • To moke ttie clasp's lx>ok. cut a 6-in. (15cm) pioco of 20gaijgc wiro. FokJ tte wire in half, making the foW as tight as possible. Smooth the wiro by ptf ir<g it through nylon jaw piers (optional).

1 necklace • Cut a 2-in. (5cm) p^CO <* 22-gaugo vvrc Make a loop at one end. String a teat bead on the wire and bend the wire taH up around thebead.

2 Put the trst loop back on your round-nose piers. Brr>g the wvo toil around the jaw in tte opposite direction of the first loop, formng a frjure 8. Trim Ukj wire indcr tho socond loop.

3 Press t!>e two loops together with charmose piors so thoy look Iko one two-wvc locp Make a total ot 22 dangtes

4 art a 1 //-in. (3.8cm) piece ot 22-gauge wire. Make a pfern Icop (Bases) at one end. String a 6mm beac on the wire and make a pian loop at the othor end Make a total ot 12 6rnrn bead units and 12 1€mm bead unls

5 Open the loops on the 6mm unis. Attach a loaf unt and a 16mm unit to each loop, forming a Snkod c*KMn of after rvihng 6mm units and ICmm units Close the loops. Note: Deperxing on the orientation of the 6mm urti* toop. you may need to attach etther the kxif unit or the 16mm bead ur* first. Add unts unti the neck&co is VA in. stxxt of ttx) desired longth.

6 Open trio loo|) on the end units and attach a dasp I v*1 to each unit. - LA *

til aj>anottij7ton com 35

+*;«rrtnqK ♦ String five chips and I fcxr spacers on a tracing »>oop. With cfvinnose piers. bend tho wire in (6rnm) from the hoop's end. Mako a second earring to match tho first. - N.F. «

11V seed beodo

• chainnosc and roundnose paors

• isftgonalwtocuttere-

2 Determine the (rafted length of your necklace. (M-no is 16 in741cm.) Add 6 m. (15cm) and cut two pieces ot beadng wire to that length.

On one wire, string chips interspersed with 11® seed beads until the strand is 1 in. (2.5cm) short of tl>e desired length. End with a cttp.

1 necklace ♦ String a pink tourma-fcne nugget on a decorative hood pin. Make a wrapped locp (see Basics) above the bead.

2 Tie the axis with a surgoon^s Knot (Basics). Gluo the knot and tnm the ends to K ¡n. (3mm). Gently stretch tho bracelet to pull the knot into an adjacent spacer.

3 On tt>o other wire, cent or the pendant a-xi an 11*. On eacft end. stmg dips interspersed vtfth 1 1"s untJ tl» strand is 1 in. short ot the desired lengi). End w*h acttp.

4 On each end of each strand, string a round spacer, a crimp bead, a raxxi spacer, end half tho clasp. Go back through tho beads just strung and tighten the wires Chock the fit. and add or remove beads «1 necessary. Crimp the crimp beads (Bases) ar>d trim tho excess wire.

+*;«rrtnqK ♦ String five chips and I fcxr spacers on a tracing »>oop. With cfvinnose piers. bend tho wire in (6rnm) from the hoop's end. Mako a second earring to match tho first. - N.F. «

Ibrucolttf ♦ Determino tr^e finished length of your bracelet, add 3 in. (7.6cm). and double that measurement. Cut a piece of nbbon elastic to thai length. Thread a needte cn tlie elastic and tape the ends togettxx. String an alternating pattern of nuggets and------

unti the bracelet is tf>o desired length.


A long-time fovorito of jewelry doaiflnora, tourmiihn« gome come «n « cJrnmotic swoop from noar-blnck to #roon to pink. Look for do«*p. rich colora when you purch«$o d etrund.

Create a necklace, bracelet, and earring ensemble with tourmaline nuggets and chips


Colors op|X)site each other on the color wheel are called complements, and they spring to life when tised together. This is also true with the color relationship known as split complements, a trio consisting of one color plus the colors on each side of its complement. Lucky for us, these colors occur naturally in tourmalines. Rich greens flourish next to luscious raspberry and orange tones in a range oi values and intensity.

A long-time fovorito of jewelry doaiflnora, tourmiihn« gome come «n « cJrnmotic swoop from noar-blnck to #roon to pink. Look for do«*p. rich colora when you purch«$o d etrund.

4 Attach the unfinished loops on both bead units to the top chain link. Complete the wraps

• strarxis Of tfe foftswfc^ 5 x 7nw (approximately) flat cvass. friie Peruvian opal

$ X 8nw fopproxjrnaftoi-/; nfces. J lAx) PftirAn op# ;j.YiJj rounds, gnxn ctyed snas

• 2-strand toggto ctep

• crimplrtg pfeis

• oogonal wiro cutters

5Dotermne the finished length of you necklace. (Mine cs 16K in./42.5cm). DMcb that measurement in half, add 6 in. (15cm}. and cut four pieces of beading wire to that length. Set two pieces aside.

6 String a crimp bead and the loop of a bead unit over two pieces of beadng wim. Go back ttrough tlx) crimp bead and tighten the wro Make a folded crimp

9 On ono wire on each end. siring: Oat cpa). 4mm round, tube-shaped opal, 4mm rtx*xJ. flat opal, crystal, tuba-shaped opal. 4mm round. On tho other wiro on each end. string: tufco-shafXKJ opal. 4mm round, tat opal. 4mm round, tube-shaped opal crystal, tat opal. 4mm round, ftopoat unti the necklace is 1 in. (2.5cm) short of the desired length.

7 String two 4 x 2mm spacers over both tals and wires and slxto the spacers over tho foWod crimp. "Pien string a bead cap. an 8mm rcxnd. and a boad cap. Separate tho wires ar x* string a crystal on each.

8 Repeat steps 6 and 7 at the other end of tlx) necWaco with the two wires set aside in step 5.

4 On the end of each wire. siring a I v3x 2mm spacer, a crimp boad. anc a spacor. Go through a loop on a 2-strarx clasp and back through tho beads just strung. Tighten tiie wires, chock ttx) fit. and add or remove an equal number of beads on each strand it necessary. Crimp ttie crimp beads and trim tlx* excess wire Paukrtto RxxJenbcnder *


3 To make U>e necklace's bead units, cut two 3JW>. (8.9cm) lengths of 22-^augo wire On each wire, make a wrapped loop (Basics) on one cod On each, string: crystal, bead cap. 8mm round, boad cap. crystal. Make the Srst half of a wrapped loop above the crystals.

IOn four head pins, string: crystal, flat spacer, tube-shaped opal, tat spacer, crystal. Make a plain loop (see Basics) above the top bead.

On four head pins, string: crystal, bead cap. 8mm round shed, bead cap. crystal. Make a piain loop as bcicre.

On Two head pins, string three 4mm rounds. Make a plain loop as beforo.

2To make the pendant, ait a l*-in.

(4.4cm) length of chain Open tho loop (Basics) on an 8mm round dangle and a tube dangle. Attach both to the same end ink. Oose the loops. Attach tho rema**>g dangles to the cMo links as shown.

String a two-strand gemstone necklace with a dangling centerpiece

I )esigncrs look for classic color schcmcs thcv can use again and again. This cool-color twosome taken from a fabric swatch is sure to Ik a contender. The cool blue essence of water pairs gracefully with the vibrancc of springs freshest greens. Not only are greens and * blues neighbors on the color wheel, these MA

two are similar in color value, aw -Ait attributes that lend harmony to the finished piece. tUKmd

Urp chnlrt to creuto u dynamic COntorpioco Of oum-j, cry still», nnd sr>oU bond*.

oraoamo^j'ton com v>

Although the IxvwJr. .^ppOAr to bo strung dlrcctty onto the yam, they're actually on a piooo of beading wiro. Wrap the yarn around tho wiro to crent© th« braided OftOCt.

Combine fringed yarn and glass beads to make a lively necklace and hair accessory

Blue is the most popular color in the western world, and a personal favorite as well. In these projects, blue partners with teal, green, blue-violet, and purple - the lively colors on a ceramic decanter — for an appealing palette that won't go out of style. For the dominant shades, I chose beads in deep aqua-blue and teal. For contrast, I used my strongest colors, purpk and lime green, in small amounts, a trusted formula to follow for accents.

editors tip

For oaso in stringing boa yam trvough a crimp bead tnm thp yam's fnogs ■nd appiy ckw nal oolsh or Orttz Pr*y C^ock to torvd

1 necklace • Dotonnino the finisfxxJ length cA your necklace. (Mr« is 16 in/4icro.) Add 6 ix (16cm) and cut two pieces of beading wire to that length. On eacti wre. string assorted glass, crystal. and & and 11* seod beads until each strand is 1 in. (2.6cm) slxxi ot the desired length. Tape the ends.

2 Cut a ptooe o* boa yam tv*ce as tang as the wire strands. Remove the tape frcro one end <A each beaded strand. String the yam aixl each beaded strand through a crimp bead. Crimp the crimp bead (seo Basics}. Trim the excess yam.

Bemol boa yarn ffegona) wto Cutter*

70-100 i-tOmTv cfa*>d c*Y3& becKfcv c&cns. Jo march yam 3g each Sc ¿hd 1 iv s^od beads 4 3mm rocr<J spaces 2 bead caos bbxtfssp fexxtte beadng w*o. 014 or .015 4 crfrp beads ctvfrnoseor pitting piers

3 On the two wires, string: heart cap. round spacer, crtnp bead, round spacer, and half the dasp. Go back through the beads just strung end tighten ttte wires. Crimp tl>o crimp bead and trim the excess w<ro. Remove tho tape from the other ends ar<j re-tape the strands so the tape is 3j$h against tf>c last bead on oach end.

4 Wrap the yam around each beaded strand, looping it ara/)d one strand, then the other. When you reach the lass bead, remove the tape. Check the fit. and add or remove beads if necessary. String tho ww and yam through a almp bead, crimp it. and trim the excess yam. Attach tho remaining ctosp tviif as in step 3.

15-30 : t Omm gjbss arvj ccyittf bc&cte. cc*c*s to match yam ig <*>ch si/o 1 (f voce beads {9crn) pcrr/ad c$p ifto G*arde. $00-645-6560. ^jrs^ 26- or craft wire

Wt? Fray Chec* or ctof oa3 pctesh

Iponytall holder • Open tho ponytaa dp by scjuoe/r>g it genty Cut a 24n. (61 cm) p-oce of oatt and a 30-in. (76cm) piece of boa yarn. Thread tx>th through the hole at one end of tho ponytai! clp. tooting a 1 m. (2.5cm) ta>\ Twist tt%o wve and yarn tafe together and trim tho axcess.

2 Wrap tfte yam around tho ponytai ckp. Wrap tho wire around trie dp and string a bead. Repeat across the c*p. making sue to ttvoad tt*e wire under protrudng parts of tho c4p.

3 After covering the clip with beads and yarn, twst the wve and yarn tails together. Trim tho excess, apply a drop of Dritz Fray Ctiock or nal poish to the yarn, axJ tuck the ends under a bead. - N.F. *

hi adandft»

2 Measure tte feather a! its widest pont and rm/tpty that number by six. Cut a piece of 24-gauge wire to that length. Center a 6mm crystal on the wire. On each end. string a 5mm becooe. a 4mm bicone. and archer 4mm bkxxie.

3 On each end. string an alternating pattern of 11" seed beads and keshr pearls, leaving 2 in. (5cm} of exposed we. String tf in. of ti^soneoch end. Place tr-. vAro frame around the feather in an cva? shape. or remove beads rrom aacfc end. as dossed.

Peacock feathers play a starring role in a necklace and earring ensemble

Inockkice • Trim tt>e qu* from a feattw. leaving approximately 'A in. (1.3cm) at the top. String a 5mm bicone and a bead tip on The remaking qui. so the k>op <A the bead tip « at the top. App»V a do* of gkje »askJe the boad tip and close it.

When yon take your color cucs from the blues and greens on a color wheel, its hard to resist the sheer drama you'll get from adding peacock feathers to your design. 1 lere, the feathers"

saturated hues are combined with crystals and

jxarls in similar colors, keeping the focus on the feather while adding sparkle and texture to the finished jewelry.

Thoro'8 nothing arrg . nccklaco and oorrt-^a r**r feature the r.umptoo-* i^m on<l dramatic flair of ,-nirm feathers.


4 Make a wrapped loop (900 Basics) at axs end. txjfximg it down as shown. Leas-© X «n. pmm) of exjx>sed wire on the stem. Make the first half of a wrapped loop or the other end. benctfng it upward.

5Wtop the r.d of the top loop around t!)e stem of the bottom loop. arxl tho Lnai of the tx>ttom around trie? atom of the top. Trim tlx> exoess wire.

6Goso the bead tip^s kxp around tho bottom loop. Docormirve the tinned length of your nocMaco. (Mine is 15 in/ 38cm) AdcJ 6 m. (15cm) and ait a piece ot fiewbte beadhg wire to ttvst length. Open a 5mm jump rmg (Basics} and connect < to the pendant's top loop. Close ttio jump ring. Center an 11* ond tho pcrxjont on ll>c wire. On each end. string 0 4mm bicono «*xl an 11¥.

7 On each end. string on altcrnatvxj pattern of five pearts and tivtt 1 rs. Icflc.vvxl by a 4mm txoone. Then strng an alternating pattern of seven pearls arxJ seven 1 Vs and a 4mrn bicono. Continue the pattern, incroasr^g lo nine pearls and 1 l*s and a 4mm frcono. ttien to eleven pryjfts. arxl so oa unii ttxi nacMaos is 1 in. (2.5cm) short of the desirod length. End v/th an ir.

8 On one ond. string a crimp baud, an 11*. and a jump nr>g with half of the clasp. Go back throucfi the last beads stnmg. Repeat on tlw Other end. Tighten the wires. check the f»t. aixl add or remove an equal number ot beads from each end t rvxxxssary. Crimp tte crimp beads (Bases) and tim t»\c cxcoss wire.

Ioarnnqs • Fok>w steps t-5 of the necklace Close the bead t*>'s kx)p around the boltom loop.

2 Open the loop on an Ciirrirxj wre and attach tlx* feather pendant. Miko a second oanny to match ttx> first. - J.K *

both protect»

• chainrxwo and roundnose piers

• tfagonai wire cutters •E6000artxxwo nocklacn 15 in. (30cm)

• peacock feather

• 2 16 in. (4tcm) strands 4-5mm ke$hi poarts. dark bfcje

• 2g size 1r seed or c^rxfer beacts. gunmetal ins

• 6mm ratxi crystal. Montana A3

• 3 5mm bicone crystals. oMno

• 14-18 4mm txoono aystils. topa/ and smoked topaz AB

• oimping piers (opticnof) oarrlngs

• 2 poaoock foottxifs

• 40-60 keshi pearls. Wt owx from neckbcc. dark Wue

• 2g sizo 11¥ seed or cyindcr beads, gunmelaiirfe

• 2 6mm rourvl crystate. montana AB

• 8 4mm bicone crystals. 4 smoked topaz AB ana 4 monta*xi AB

• pair of earring wires

In Vinccnt van (¡ogh's famous color studies, he experimented with hold contrasts, and his painting Vase with Lilacs, Daisies, and Anemones is no exception. I lore, high-key yellows create brilliant illumination when placed against a background dominated by deep blues and greens. When translating van Gogh's intense colors into jewelry, I chose crystals for their vivid colors and. of course, for the way they turn on the lights.

Voso With LMacs. DoisSos. and

Anomonoa by V»ooont van Gogh. 108/01 on canvas.

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