Imperial Jasper Necklace and Earrings

Thi.% cabochon is framed with a modified daisy stitch and horizontal netting. I he head weaving is all that secures the stone. It is a little* tricky to get it to lit just right, but the results are well worth the effort.

Lang the I and the brown <. uringon eight . one bicone. I -non? wed

String on three bnwn seed bead» and pais the needle through the center bead of the foe white ones for each pattern repeat, on one »ide only, a* »honen in Figure 4-21. (Note: The figure »how» both »»des of the finished weave, i Co back around the circle, pull the thread snugly. and tie it off

I reletting to Figure-is» the iHvdlt hack i the U»t brown ifijSi I of the nr«t eight ffi 1 I up. pull the ^vl/oP I snugly, and ttring i seed beads and \


i ne needle througli the first of I set of eight seed heads vi>u I * the last paw. String on sesrn I beads and go through the last bead

: first set of »even. Continue in i inner, which is a modified daisy until you lias« enough »»wen ..• lund the outside edge of the un tighlly. Weave the two end»

ring to Figure 4 20. which shows xading pattern horiaintally, siring • c white »eed beads between the : rown side beads of each pattern. '--..» on both sides and secuie the fiWW

Place beaded piece on cabochon so the tightest side is on the luck of ihe cabochon and then place it on a hard surface. Repeat the three-he*! section as in step ft on the top of the calx*hon. Pull up as lightly as vt>u can and «cure the thread

For Ihe necklace strap:

Cut 2 yards ol thread and place a needle on each end. making sure the ends are even. Thread a crimp bead on one needle. I'ass both needles through a clamshell bead tip and center. Oooe the clamshell around the crimp bead.


Itptnal Jas« caboctcn

Mom beads ■> tOgiOTsmikthxaUk itmrtni'seeobufli

11' swl bath

> Got taoinj liMings

•> 4 ootöäifmn?! t»aoi?6 •> 2 grtd ipM r -ga -> Coll USUI

-> BiwnHroObeacltrod •> Sta 10 v 12 teünj needle

Referring to Figure 4-22, begin weaving the necklace by uking both needles thiough one brown wed head. Thread a white »eed bead on each needle. Pas» each needle thiough oik brown seed bead from opposite directions and pull snugly

Pick up a white seed bead on each needle and pass both through one brown seed bead from opposite direction». Repeat once mote.

Pick up three brown wed beads on each needle and one biconc on oik needle. Pass the second needle through the bicone from the opposite direction.

Pick up three brown seed bead* on one needle aisd (bur on the other. Pass first needle through the last brown bead on the second needle, from the opposite direction, and pull snugly.

Repeat the pattern doing three brown-white patterns and one hicone to desired length. Hie sample is 15 bicoiies long. End with the seed bead pattern.

[Virrminc the top ol the cabochon and pass both needles frum the woven strap through a bicone. String on two chocolate seed beads and pass through the next bicone. Repeat until you have exited the fourth bicone.

Weave second half of nccklace, starting with the seed iKad pattern. Tie off the other end and attach a clamshell bead tip, a enmp bead, and the clasp.

Cut an 8" to 10" length of thread and place a needle on each end. Thread on seven brown seed beads and center them on the thread.

Struig on one bicone. pass each needle through Irom opposite directions, and pull the thread snugly.

Stung four brown seed beads on one needle ami three brown seed beads on the second needle, Pass tt second needle through the fourth bead on the oilier side.

Alternate white and bruwn seed bead» and weave, as in the left-moi portion of Figure 4-22. Do three patterns.

Thread on a clamshell bead tip Irom the out«de in and add a cr : M bead, lie off the threads again« the crimp bead. Glue knot. trim, aixl close Uk clamshcll. Attach t earring finding.

Repeal steps I through S lor orgeat ring.

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