Coutfiro is used to aiiac'i sinrgs o' bead» » a baching material The satch do«s ncl adualy go through itt beats, but ratr«-. over the twad that goes through the baads Cojch'ng in trts bcc* s us«l TOsry in t»*)«g around cabochons, as in Chapter 4. page 37. Couchod beacs are atiled atef U'jc '«Jiai beated butf « coftteiea.

Snug up the string of beads around your headed be«I. a.< in Figure 2-18, keeping in mind that the string will tighten up a* you Couch it in place.

When you have completed >*iur ting of I leads, pass back through the ring again to strengthen ¡L Take your needle and thread through to the underside ut the hacking material and tie off voui thiead by making a couple of passes through the stitches on ihe hack, but do not cut it

Bring yout needle up in the middle of one s*le on the outside of yout bead ring and vety close to the beads, as shown in Figute 2-49.

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