Folding and Layering

Loomwork folds nicely in the horizontal plane. It does not fold in the vertical plane or diagonally.

Folding can be very useful for adding strength to the loomwork, and in creating an added dimension.

Generally when I fold beadwork back over itself, I glue it together then sew it down as well. When three or more layers are glued and sewn together the work becomes as stiff as plywood. To glue, use E-6000 adhesive, which is quite thick, or similar adhesive. Spread it evenly and fairly thickly on both surfaces to be adhered. Let it get tacky before pressing the beadwork together so that the adhesive does not squeeze through the beads or out the edges of the work. Once pressed together let it dry thoroughly before handling. Sew the edges of the folded portion down.

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