Twisted Open Viking Knit

Twisted knitting is open, single knitting. It's never pulled through a drawplate. so it must be the finished length when the knitting is completed.

Be very meticulous when starting a new piece of wire

What weight wire?

The best gauge is 26 or 24 (0.5 or 0.6 mm). Finer wire is not suitable for necklaces and bracelets, but may be all right for rings and earrings.

How to even out the twisted viking knit

Remove the mandrel and check all wire changes Give the hooks a little pinch if they seem to be slipping loose.

Slip a U.S. No. 8 knitting needle (the largest that can fit) through the knit lengthwise. With the needle inside, roll the work between two layers of soft leather as shown (center), while pressing down onto the work surface. The object is to make the chain smooth and even

Rolling smooth

Rolling smooth

Viking Knit Patterns

How to twist the twisted knit

Find the middle of the knitting and grasp it 1 - 2 inches (4-5 cm) on each side of the middle, twist one hand forward, the other back.

Change to a U.S. No. 7 knitting needle and twist (in the same directions as before) about 1M? inches (4 cm) out from the first twist.

Continue changing to a smaller knitting needle each 1inches (4 cm) until you reach the ends.

This method results in a gentle taper toward the ends, which complements this kind of knitting. Of course, you can twist the entire chain around the same size knitting needle, if you like. (See page 58 for knitting needle conversions.)

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Sinnet tie guard p 28 Sinnet key ring p. 28 Braided ring p. 22

Copper and silver braided bangle p 22 Heavy sinnet bangle in silver and copper p. 27 Braided bracelet p. 22 Braided ring p. 22

Smnet pendant on leather cord p. 28 Smnet earrings p. 28


Sinnet Tie Guard



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