Open Round Chain Mail

Key number: 4

How Knit Chainmail

3. Lift up on the string so that the rings hang down.

Gather the 3 rings hanging farthest down and link them 2 by 2. where they meet, with 3 red rings.

Repeat step 3 continuously. Always link the rings most recently added.

Key number: 4

1. Join 2 blue to 1 red to 2 blue to 1 red to 2 blue into 1 red ring. It is important that all the rings of the same color lie the same way

2. Lay the rings on the work surface and thread a string or wire loosely through the uppermost blue rings

Knitted Chainmail Pattern

Round chain mail silver bracelet p. 37 Open round chain mail bracelet p. 40 Silver flat chain mail necklace with pendant p 36

Silver flat chain mail earrings p 36 Long Queen's chain in oxidized silver p. 41

Heavy flat chain mail bracelet m silver p. 36 Silver, open round chain mail clip-back earrings p ¿0 Queen '$ chain silver bracelet p 41

Segmented Queen's chain bracelet in oxidized silver p 41

Chainmail Patterns

Silver bracelet


excluding clasp MATERIALS:

22 g silver rings of 20-gauge (1.0 mm)

wire with 4 mm ID 1 clasp

Photo; page 39

Assemble according to the basic pattern on page 38

Join the final rings of the pattern with 2 rings, then with 1. and attach the clasp to that

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