Key number: 5 or 5.2

For this pattern, you'll need the help of a needle.

1. Close 2 red rings and put them on a string or wire holder, set in the 2 red rings. 2 blue rings and in the blue. 2 red. 2-in-2. Open 2 blue rings.

2. Keeping a firm hold on the first red rings, pull both the blue and red rings to the left, sliding the second red rings to the outside of the first.

3. Now slide the needle into the hole under one red ring, making it stand upright. Then separate the 2 blue rings, slip the needle under the 2 first red rings (with the blue rings still separated), and then under the last red ring, which is also upright.

Leave the needle in place while you insert one blue ring, as shown above

Remove the needle, and place another blue ring in the same place.

4. Put 2 red rings in the last blue rings on the outside of the second set of red rings.

Repeat steps 3 ancJ 4

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